Friday, September 21, 2007

Switching Sides

Switching political parties is not an uncommon thing to do in the Dallas area right now. Criminal Court Judge John Creuzot and state representative Kirk England have recently switched from the republican party to the democratic party.
Texas is going to start to see more and more democrats in the state. Texas is becoming a state where Anglos are no longer going to be the majority of the state. The reason why that is so important because the majority of the people in minority races are Democratic.
England claims he is switching parties because he feels that he can get more done that way. I find that believable but I think the only reason that Creuzot has switched parties is because he thinks that democrats are going to win the next elections and by switching parties he believes he is giving himself the best chance to be re-elected.
I would suggest this article to anyone that lives in Texas because it shows how are state is changing. Everyday Texas is becoming more of a Democratic state.

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