Friday, October 19, 2007

Agree to Dissagree

Consider the source and audience.

The article "Governor's endorsement of Giuliani draws criticism" was published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The article was published by staff writer John Moritz. I think that Moritz brought to every ones attention that Governor Perry is supporting Rudy Giuliani to show everyone how politicians basically tell people what they want to hear but when it comes down to it they do what they think is in the best interest for themselves. Moritz is doing a good job and is going to keep his audiences interested because people want to hear controversial stories.

Lay out the argument and the underlying values and assumptions.

The basic argument of the article is that Governor Perry is supporting someone who does not share the same beliefs as him. An assumption that the article does present is that Governor Perry is setting himself up to move up the political rankings. I believe that if you elect a person because you share the beliefs as them, no matter what they may be, they should uphold those beliefs and support other people who have the same.

Uncover the evidence.

The article is supported with facts and evidence the Governor Perry supports presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Governor Perry "appeared with Giuliani in Washington , D.C. and in Iowa after endorsing him on Wednesday morning. It goes with out saying that if you travel with someone to show your support you obviously want to them to win whatever election they are in.
Evaluate the conclusion.

I do believe that the argument is successful because it shows that Governor Perry is supporting someone who disagrees with him on a lot of major political issues. The article doesn't change my mind about any previous beliefs because I have always thought that politicians are always going to tell you what you want to hear and once they win they will do whatever they want.

Sort out the political implications.

The political significance of the article is that if Governor Perry has a lot of loyal supporters who trust his judgement they to could support Giuliani which in result could help him win Texas in the presidential election. The political world depends strongly on who has the support of who and if a democrat can get a large portion of republicans to support them they have a great chance of winning the election.

The article commented on above can be found by clicking here.

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