Friday, November 2, 2007

Kids Health Bill

Consider the source and audience.

This article was found in the San Antonio Express News. It was written by Associated Press special correspondent David Espo. There is an argument because many people believe that it is wrong for young children to have to go without health care because their family is too poor. The article is written to inform the general public on political figures beliefs. I don't think Espo needs to do anything different to attract more of and audience.

Lay out the argument and the underlying values and assumptions.

The basic argument is that all children should have health insurance even if your family doesn't have enough money. The argument relies on the fact that several children are uninsured. The values that are being argued about are basically between the President Bush and the democratic party. Bush doesn't believe that taxes should be raised to support pay for the children's insurance while the democratic party thinks they should. The article is very clear and well explained.

Uncover the evidence.

The article is supported by facts and evidence. For example in the article it was stated that there are 6 million children that benefit from the current financial support and that 4 million more will be covered if the new bill is passed. It is also stated in the article that children have to provide a birth certificate to make sure that no illegal aliens will benefit from the program.

Is the argument successful?

I believe that the argument is very successful because it can make people feel bad for the children. That is very important because it could sway someones political views and try to get someone in office who will get the bill passed. I'm not quiet sure that I completely support the new bill. Yes I feel bad for the kids but I don't believe in other people have to help pay for their bills because of higher taxes so my opinion really didn't change.

Sort out the political implications.

The political significance of this article is that if the bill is never passed and put into effect a large portion of lower class families will vote for a democratic president so you can bet they will have an great effect on the next presidential election. The article once again shows how important money is in politics.

The article commented on above can be found bl clicking here.

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